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Looking to translate from Telugu to English?DocumenTranslations.comis the leading translation agency for Telugu to English translation of documents, audios, videos, websites, presentations, etc.

Quality assurance for all Telugu to English translations

DocumenTranslations.comis the largest ISO 9001:2015 Certified translation agency in India providing professional Telugu to English translation services which guarantees that all our Telugu to English meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.

100% manual translations by bilingual English translators

We use native English speakers with bilingual language ability for translating content from Telugu to English to ensure that the translation is not only accurate, but culturally sound and contextually correct. Our Telugu to English translators do not do machine translation or literal translation, but adapt your text linguistically. The translations are also proofread by native English speakers to ensure that it reads naturally or sounds natural.

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Telugu to English typesetting and designing

DocumenTranslations.comhas an award-winning in-house design team that can typeset and design all your Telugu to English translated documents to look exactly like the original Telugu documents. Our design team can work with all kinds of formats including websites, pictures, images, scanned PDFs, presentations, word, excel, etc. Once your document or website is translated from Telugu to English, our design team will format the translated document / website into a mirror image of the original.

Translated content from Telugu to English for 400+ clients has provided professional Telugu to English content translations to over 400 satisfied clients and you can also avail of our award-wining Telugu to English translation services if you need to translate from Telugu to English.

Our Telugu to English translation services include:

Certified translationfrom Telugu to English andNotarized translationfrom Telugu to English

Certified translationsare normally required when submitting legal documents. We provide Telugu to English certified translations for all kinds of personal documents including academic degrees, diplomas, course certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, custom documents, driver’s licenses, citizenship cards, passports, ration cards, visa copies, residence permits, bank statements, tax receipts, TDS certificates, experience certificates, salary certificates, utility bills, (electricity bill, landline/mobile phone bill, Credit card bill, etc.), land and property documents (registration, 7/12 extracts or RTC extracts), wills, sale deeds, partnership deeds, prescriptions, medical reports etc.

A notary public is authorized by the government to authenticate and oversee different legal formalities, which includenotarized translations. We provide Telugu to Englishnotarized translationsfor all kinds of personal documents that are required to be submitted for administrative purposes such as visa applications, school applications, etc. Notarized Telugu to English fromDocumenTranslations.comare valid for Visa, Immigration, PR, Study Abroad and Legal Purposes.

Our Telugu to English certified translations and Telugu to English notarized translations are accepted in Government offices, Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions, banks and in Embassies/Consulates worldwide for visas and residence permits.

DocumenTranslations.comalso provides Telugu to English Apostille/Attestation Services from Ministry of External Affairs.

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Document translationfrom Telugu to English

Our full-service Telugu to EnglishDocument Translationteam translates content while ensuring that the translation matches the original in context and content. This is made possible by our rigorous translator-matching system. We assign Telugu to English document translation requirements only to those translators who are native Telugu speakers and possess knowledge of the subject matter of the document. We also have an in-house design team that allows us to work with over 50 file formats including Hard Copies, Scanned Docs, & PDFs With Missing Originals. This creative team is also responsible for giving the Telugu to English translated output the original layout and formatting so that the output matches the source 100% in look and feel, should you desire so.

Website localizationfrom Telugu to English

DocumenTranslations.comprovides various customizable Telugu to Englishtranslation solutions for websites. We can provide stand-alone services like Telugu to English of website text, Telugu to English voiceover and Telugu to English subtitling for audio and video content on websites, Telugu to English localization of the user interface, Telugu to English SEO or an integrated service that includes all of the above. We are comfortable developing and localizing sites in all formats, including html, css, xml, Flash, Java, .NET, and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Sub-titlingfrom Telugu to English

We offer the highest quality Telugu to Englishsubtitlingand Telugu to Englishcaptioningservices so you can share all of your audio video programs with the world. Besides translating subtitles and captions from Telugu to English, our translation team can even translate graphics from Telugu to English within your video to achieve the best results.

Voice-overfrom Telugu to English

Whether you’re preparing an internal training application, a high-level corporate presentation, or a broadcast, we have a large pool of Telugu voiceover talent and can provide you with high quality Telugu to Englishvoiceoverto meet your needs. Rather than going to one agency for subtitle translation, another for graphics localization, and yet another for voiceover, we provide you with everything you need at once and in one place.

App translationfrom Telugu to English

DocumenTranslations.comis a full-service Telugu to Englishapp localizationcompany. We can translate from Telugu to English every component of your app , including web content, images, audio/video, back-end databases, app marketplace copy, branding, and marketing. Our comprehensive Telugu to English app translation and app localization services include string translation, icon translation, and App UI Translation.

Software translationfrom Telugu to English

We provide the most affordable Telugu to Englishsoftware translation servicestailored to meet business needs. From our in-house and external Telugu resources, we hand pick Telugu to English software translation specialists for each project who have relevant experience in the industry for which the software is intended, and possess a detailed understanding of the technical issues surrounding software localization. We’ve localized and translated software from Telugu to English for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, and are able to provide valuable insights for smaller companies who are new to internationalization.

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Interpretation from Telugu to English

DocumenTranslations.comis a full-service Telugu to English interpretation company.

We provide simultaneous interpretation from Telugu to English for all kinds of business meetings, exhibitions, negotiations, communications, etc.

We also provide consecutive interpretation from Telugu to English for seminars, conferences, trainings, etc.

We translate from Telugu to English for content that spans across 30+ industries and specialize in:

Telugu to English personal translation

We provide Telugu to Englishcertified translationsand Telugu to Englishnotarized translationsof personal documents viz., academic degrees, diplomas, course certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, custom documents, driver’s licenses, citizenship cards, passports, ration cards, visa copies, residence permits, bank statements, tax receipts, TDS certificates, experience certificates, salary certificates, utility bills, (electricity bill, landline/mobile phone bill, Credit card bill, etc.), land and property documents (registration, 7/12 extracts or RTC extracts), wills, sale deeds, partnership deeds, prescriptions, medical reports etc. for Visa, Immigration, PR, Study Abroad and Legal Purposes.

Telugu to English legal translation

DocumenTranslations.comhas a network of certified Telugu linguists and Telugu to English legal translators specifically trained in ‘legalese’ and practice-area specific terminology. We offer a range of Telugulegal translation servicesincluding Telugu to English legal document translation, Telugu to English deposition services, Telugu to English court reporting, and Telugu to English transcription services. Our expert Telugu to English legal translators have experience working with all types of legal documents including patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, employment and other business documents, leases, and much more.

Telugu to English business translation

We deliver tailoredbusiness translationsfrom Telugu to English for small and big companies through our specialist Telugu to English linguists possessing business degrees. From financial reports to contracts & agreements, Fortune 500 companies trustDocumenTranslations.comto provide business translations that are accurate, culturally relevant and properly formatted. We ensure proper localization for the target audience and takes into account local linguistic preferences and your preferred corporate terminology. We undertake all kinds of Telugu to English business translations such as website translation, financial documents translation, business plan translation, business report translation, corporate communication translation, annual report translation, human resource documents translation, brochure translation, etc.

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Telugu to English financial translation

To ensure that our financial services clients receive the highest-quality Telugu to Englishfinancial translationand related business services, we have hundreds of Telugu to English financial translators and Telugu to English project managers that have prior training and/or experience in the Telugu financial services market. In addition to translating financial documents from Telugu to English,DocumenTranslations.comalso offers a range of related business services for financial clients including Telugu to English M&A due diligence support, Telugu to English interpreters for meetings and presentations, Telugu to English website localization, Telugu to English regulatory compliance consulting, Telugu to English brand management, and Telugu to English e-learning and training support. Our expert Telugu to English translators have experience working with an array of financial documents including 10-K Filings; 0-Q, 8-K, 20-F, 6-K Filings; 529 Plan Communications; Annual Reports; Bankruptcies; Bond & Equity Prospectuses; Fact Sheets; Foreign Registration Filings; Fund Reports; Initial Public Offerings; Marketing Material; Monthly Statements; SEC EDGAR Filings, etc.

Telugu to English scientific translation and technical translation

DocumenTranslations.comhas demonstrated experience intranslating scientific documentsfrom Telugu to English. Our scientific Telugu to English translation services include translation from Telugu to English of documents and media relating to areas of formal science including Logic, Mathematics, Mathematical logic, Mathematical statistics, Theoretical computer science; chemistry, physics, Space science, biology and interdisciplinary science. We have demonstrated experience intranslating patentsfrom Telugu to English including translation of the patent application which comprises of translating the Patent specification, Claims, Filing date, Priority claim, Drawing and Abstract, etc.

Telugu to English manufacturing translation

You can trust our panel of native Telugu translators with demonstrated experience intranslating documents pertaining to manufacturing industryincluding Craft, agile manufacturing, Fabrication, Flexible manufacturing, Just-in-time manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, 3D printing, clothing, Mass production, Packaging and labeling, Prefabrication, Rapid manufacturing, Reconfigurable manufacturing system, etc. for translating documents related to this field. To ensure that our manufacturing clients receive the highest-quality Telugu to English translation and related business services, we have hundreds of Telugu to English translators and project managers that have prior training and/or experience with manufacturing subject matter and technical terminology.

Telugu to English marketing translation

The world’s leading Advertising, Marketing, and PR firms have trustedDocumenTranslations.comto provide best Telugu to English translations for their marketing content. We offer a wide array of Telugu to Englishmarketing translation solutionsto meet our clients’ needs, including Telugu to English translation of marketing brochures, marketing kits, News Translation, Telugu to English translation of PR Articles, Google Adwords, Display Advertisement Translations, and Video Advertisement Translations.

Telugu to English medical translation

DocumenTranslations.comprovides Telugu to English Medical Translation and Telugu to English Localization for individuals, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceuticals medical devices companies, and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO). We have vast experience in translating medical documents from Telugu to English in a wide variety of medical fields. Our Telugu to English medical translations are approved and accepted by governments, regulatory agencies, hospitals and medical organizations worldwide. Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, biotech companies and healthcare managers have come to rely onDocumenTranslations.comfor Telugu to English translation of their most sensitive documents. Our unique medical translation expertise delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value medical information.


How can I translate a Word document from Telugu to English? ›

Select Review > Translate > Translate Document. Select your language to see the translation. Select Translate.

Which is the best translator Telugu to English? ›

Google Translate

It is one of the best translation apps for iPhone and Android phones. You can use its website or app because both have the same features.

Is Google Translate accurate enough? ›

Yes, Google Translate is very accurate for the most part. In some cases, it's 94%+ accurate! In fact, it's one of the top-rated translation tools when it comes to translation accuracy, though the exact accuracy will depend on the language pairs that you've chosen.

How can I translate a full document? ›

Translate documents
  1. In your browser, go to Google Translate.
  2. At the top, click Documents.
  3. Choose the languages to translate to and from. ...
  4. Click Browse your computer.
  5. Select the file that you want to translate.
  6. Click View translation or Download translation.

Can Google Translate entire documents? ›

Translate a document

On your computer, open a document in Google Docs. Translate document. Enter a name for the translated document and select a language. Click Translate.

How can I change Telugu to English? ›

Change your web language settings
  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. On the left, click Personal info.
  3. Under "General preferences for the web," click Language Edit .
  4. Search for and select your preferred language.
  5. Click Select.
  6. If you understand multiple languages, click + Add another language.

Which translator is the most accurate? ›

DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator.

Which translation app is most accurate? ›

While DeepL doesn't support as many languages as Google Translate and is a little more expensive for bulk usage, it has the highest-rated accuracy of any translation service, especially when it comes to context and slang.

Is Telugu easiest language to learn? ›

Telugu is easy to learn

Because it is a phonetic language, its spelling coincides with the sounds that are pronounced when speaking Telugu. This means that approximately every letter in writing is a sound in speech, which makes learning Telugu relatively easier than learning English.

How often is Google Translate wrong? ›

In a recent study, Google Translate had around 85% percent accuracy. While that may seem like a high percentage, imagine if 15% of your work was translated incorrectly. Google Translate works by using an algorithm called Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) or “deep learning”.

Is Google Translate ever wrong? ›

Google Translate often produces translations that contain significant grammatical errors. This is due to the fact that Google's translation system uses a method based on language pair frequency that does not take into account grammatical rules. Google Translate does not have a system to correct for translation errors.

Does Google Translate make mistakes? ›

Google Translate is better at translating into English than any other language. Our study found that Google Translate performs better when translating content from other languages into English with only 0.28 mistakes per 10 words (this is compared to Italian with 0.59 mistakes per 10 words).

What is the best translator for documents? ›

1. Google Translate. Google Translate is the most famous Machine Translation service in the world.

Can I translate documents myself? ›

The translator must include their certification along with their name, signature, address, and date of translation with the documents. It's unethical to translate your own documents in these cases, too, even if you were a certified legal translator.

Can I translate an entire PDF document? ›

Google Translate PDF Files for Free

Click “Choose File” and then the blue “Translate” button. Let Google work its magic. You'll get a pop-up with the PDF file translated.

How do I translate a large amount of text? ›

Google Translate

It's very simple to use, and allows for instant translation of text, websites, images, and videos from one language to another. You can translate single words or entire phrases and paragraphs. Google Translate is available for over 100 languages, and is completely free to use!

How do I change my language to English? ›

Change the language on your Android device
  1. On your Android device, tap Settings .
  2. Tap System Languages & input. Languages. If you can't find "System," then under "Personal," tap Languages & input Languages.​
  3. Tap Add a language. and choose the language that you want to use.
  4. Drag your language to the top of the list.

Which all countries speak Telugu? ›

Telugu is no official language in any country and is spoken only in parts of India. The Telugu language (native name: తెలుగు) has its roots in the Dravidian language family.

Which country speak Telugu language? ›

Telugu language, largest member of the Dravidian language family. Primarily spoken in southeastern India, it is the official language of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In the early 21st century Telugu had more than 75 million speakers.

What translators are better than Google? ›

List of 7 Best Google Translate alternatives for Language Conversion
  • Microsoft Translator.
  • iTranslate.
  • Linguee.
  • Babylon Translator.
  • Reverso Translation.
  • TripLingo Translator.
  • MemSource.

What are good online translators? ›

The 10 Best Online Translators You Can Use in the Real World
  • Google Translate.
  • Bing Translator.
  • Translatedict.
  • DeepL Translator.
  • PROMT Online Translator.
  • Collins Dictionary Translator.
  • ImTranslator.
21 Apr 2022

Is there an app that will automatically Translate? ›

The new feature is called Tap to Translate, and it arrives in an update to Google Translate for Android this morning. The feature allows Translate to automatically pop up inside of other apps after you've highlighted text in a foreign language.

What is the number one translator app? ›

Google Translate is one of the best all-round translation apps on the market. The app can detect more than 100 languages and provide offline translations to 59 languages. With their Word Lens feature, you can translate text on signs from 37 languages.

Is there an app to Translate language in real time? ›

Google Translate - Apps on Google Play.

What are Telugu people called? ›

Telugu people (Telugu: తెలుగువారు, romanized: Teluguvāru), or Telugus, or Telugu vaaru, are the largest of the four major Dravidian ethnolinguistic groups in terms of population. Telugus are native to the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and the Yanam district of Puducherry.

Is Telugu older than Tamil? ›

Some believe that Telugu evolved from proto-Dravidian, which is the mother of 21 languages that took birth south of the Vindhyas. Those who argue that Telugu is older than Tamil, peg the date of origin of Telugu to at least 1000 years BCE (3000 years old).

Is Telugu a beautiful language? ›

Telugu language is one of the ancient and beautiful language in the world. The word Telugu came from the world Trilinga, which is the same deities in the temples of Srisailam, Drakasharamam, and Kaleswaram. These three temples are located in the territory of telugu speaking people.

Is there anything more accurate than Google Translate? ›

DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator.

Why translation is not accurate? ›

No Human Revision

Another big one as to why google translate is inaccurate, is the lack of revision. This means that any problem with the translation, will go unnoticed, because you cannot understand it! In professional translation, one of the highest standards is the ISO 17100.

What language is Google Translate best at? ›

Arabic? You would be forgiven for assuming that it was one of the world's most spoken languages. However, a study by Kamusi Project International has found that Afrikaans is the language for which Google Translate delivers the most successful results.

Which language Cannot be translated by Google? ›

Aramaic - 500.000 - 850.000 native speakers

It was used in large sections of the biblical books of Daniel and Ezra, and also one of the languages of the Talmud. Today, almost 2 million people who live in the Middle East speak Aramaic, but Google Translate is yet to make available for online translation.

How can I improve my translation accuracy? ›

How to Improve Machine Translation Quality by Changing the Way You Write
  1. Use short sentences.
  2. Make sure your sentence structure is well-written.
  3. Aim for simple sentence structure.
  4. Use adverbs concisely.
  5. Avoid industry jargon.
  6. Stay away from slang.
  7. Avoid compound words.
  8. Don't use ambiguous words.

How do I increase the accuracy of Google Translate? ›

Google Translate works best for long-form text with simple sentence structure. Using standardized, non-colloquial text will give you your best chance of receiving a pretty accurate machine translation. The more context given in the standardized sentences, the more accurate the translation will be.

Are there websites that Translate documents? ›

In your browser, go to Google Translate. At the top, click Documents. Choose the languages to translate to and from. To automatically set the original language of a document, click Detect language.

What are the 3 main types of translators are? ›

Generally, there are three types of translator: compilers. interpreters. assemblers.

Can I translate scanned documents? ›

Apply OCR to the Scanned Document

In this case, the text is unreadable as is. The best way to translate a scanned document PDF accurately and to retain formatting is by using optical character recognition (OCR). OCR will recognize characters in your document and convert them to digital text.

Can I take a picture of a document and translate it? ›

You can use your phone's camera to translate text in the Translate app. For example, you can use your camera to translate signs or handwritten notes.

Who can translate legal documents? ›

Devnagri can proficiently translate your driving license, permits and other documents. We offer license and permit translation solutions in 11 Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati etc.

Which app is best for PDF Translator? ›

Top 5 Android PDF Converter
  1. Able2Extract PDF Converter. Able2Extract PDF Converter is free to use. ...
  2. OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word. OfficeSuite 7 is labeled as a free PDF to Excel Android app, but it also converts PDF to word. ...
  3. PDF Converter Pro. ...
  4. Doc to PDF Converter. ...
  5. Able2Doc PDF to Word.

How do I manually translate a PDF? ›

In Google Translate, you can copy and paste text manually or upload an entire document, including PDFs. In the interface, select Documents and browse your computer to find your PDF. Upload the PDF and click Translate. Then click Download to save your new translated PDF.

Is there an app for PDF translation? ›

For those who need to translate PDFs often, perhaps it's worth installing the File Translator: PDF Translator mobile app. The app is free to use, but is available on Android only. To translate PDFs on your Android device using this app, open it and select File Translator.

How can I translate words into English? ›

You can use the Google Translate app to translate written words or phrases. You can also use Google Translate in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
Translate text
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Translate app .
  2. Choose a language to translate to and from. ...
  3. Enter the word or phrase you want to translate.

How can I translate Telugu to English in Excel? ›

Enables users to easily translate full formulas to their native language.
Installing the Functions Translator add-in
  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Go to the Insert tab.
  3. Click on the Store button in the Ribbon.
  4. This will launch the Office Add-ins dialog. ...
  5. Search for "Functions Translator" in the upper-left search box.

Can PDF translate documents? ›

Google Translate PDF Files for Free

Access the Translate Document tool. Choose the language to translate from and to. If you're unsure, you can set the input language to “Detect language.” Click “Choose File” and then the blue “Translate” button.

Is there a better free translator than Google? ›

DeepL is one of the best Google Translate alternatives for people who really value accuracy, especially when it comes to grasping context and local idioms. DeepL offers an API that you can use to automatically translate your website, as well as a web interface and apps to translate text content or text files (like .

What is the best program to translate a document? ›

5 best machine translation software options in the market
  1. Google Translate. Google Translate needs no introduction, being probably the most well-known machine translation software out there. ...
  2. DeepL Translator. ...
  3. Bing Microsoft Translator. ...
  4. SYSTRAN Translate. ...
  5. Amazon Translate.
12 Jan 2022

How do I translate a scanned document? ›

Use 'Google Docs' Translator to Translate the Scanned PDF Files
  1. Translating any pdf file to any language is not so easy but if you have Google docs on your devices it makes your translating solution instantly. ...
  2. Here we select a PDF file from our browser with Google docs.
5 Sept 2022

How do I translate a word document offline? ›

To be able to use Translator when you are offline, you need to download the language packs of the from-language and the to-language you'd like to use when you are offline. The English language pack has already been downloaded. Hope it helps.

Is there an app that can translate text to English? ›

You can translate text in other apps with the Google Translate app. Important: Tap To Translate works with text, not with images.

Is there an app that will translate written text? ›

Another translation app heavyweight, Microsoft Translator, is one of the many free translation apps capable to translate text, voice, conversation, and image translations. It can perform both online and offline translations in more than 60 languages.

Is there an app to translate words? ›

Google Translate is one of the best all-round translation apps on the market. The app can detect more than 100 languages and provide offline translations to 59 languages. With their Word Lens feature, you can translate text on signs from 37 languages.

How can I translate a PDF file to English? ›

pdf pages in the output document but they aren't translated.
  1. In your browser, go to Google Translate.
  2. At the top, click Documents.
  3. Choose the languages to translate to and from. ...
  4. Click Browse your computer.
  5. Select the file you want to translate.
  6. Click Translate and wait for the document to finish translating.

Can I use Google translate in Excel? ›

You Can Also Integrate Google Translate & Microsoft Excel With 1000+ Other Apps. Google Translate can translate between more than a hundred different languages. The text or webpage you want translated can be entered either by copy-and-pasting it or by using the voice input feature.

Is there a Google translate formula in Excel? ›

The function is called “=Translate”, you should see that in the function menu in Excel. Or you can simply type this in any cell as you will do with any other function.


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